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Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence

Elevate Your Outdoor Sanctuary with Semi-Privacy Fence Ideas

Our semi-privacy vinyl fence panels are not only beautiful but also great for keeping pets safe. In addition, it also offer a level of privacy without shutting the neighbours out completely. Our semi-privacy PVC fence styles feature slotted fence boards which allow some wind to pass through. In other words, it is great for areas where protection from the wind is unavailable from trees, natural landscape or buildings.

The strength and durability of our PVC fencing comes from our standard features like aluminum rail inserts and 2-3/8” diameter steel posts. To learn more about the features of our DFS Vinyl Products™, click here.

Huron Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence

The Huron is our semi-privacy bestseller. It features bold top and bottom rails with aluminum inserts. Therefore, it guarantees years of stability against strong winds where protection from trees isn’t available. Additionally, this semi-privacy fence provides a level of privacy without shutting out the neighbors completely.

*For detailed product information, please refer to the product catalogue.

Watch this video to see how to install the Huron Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence.

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